Investing in Obama’s Stimulus Plan

Since Obama’s election, my partent Charles and I have been looking at what Obama’s refreshing attitude towards Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, combined with the credit crunch, will do for some of our favorite stocks… here are the highlights:

Companies that may benefit from a solar glut

How Oil prices affect Alternative Energy Stocks

Emissions trading stocks under Obama

What might happen to Solar Photovoltaic companies if consumers pull back

Charles and I expect divened paying companies to come back into vogue. He has a few dividend paying alternative energy companies and I have a couple dividend paying energy efficiency companies to consider.

I also revisited my list of Blue Chip Alternative energy companies to see which ones might benefit from the expected stimulus package, while Charles looked at Smart Grid stocks that might benefit from a stimulus package. One technology I’m betting on is Geothermal heat pumps.


  1. Bill said

    You guys are idiots! Obama’s stimulus plan will bankrupt the country! You jerks must live in California! Come here to the south and we will get you straight!

  2. Hi Tom and Charles

    I’ve really appreciated all your listings. I’m sure you’ve disregarded the rantings of the previous poster.

    Us progressives find Obama’s and Dems’ plans for a green-tech revolution to be the ecological, economic and financial salvation for this country and the world.

    So thanks for all your “promising leads” with your ample lists of companies (some of them quite unknown to me).

    Happy New Year and Happy NOW!


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