Emera Technologies recently announced that BlockBox has obtained UL 9540 fire safety approval after a rigorous testing and review procedure. The new model is a decentralized nanogrid power storage technology that runsĀ its BlockEnergy microgrid system.

BlockEnergy is the nation’s first utility-owned communal microgrid for business and residential use. The fire safety license is a huge step forward for the company, as it now allows it to offer the product to other providers.

The technology will function as a smart hub for the power supplied by the microgrid. To enable readily expandable systems in residential development areas, the microgrid blends renewable energy, backup, and sophisticated distribution controls. Lithium-ion batteries are used in the power storage and control system.

At various end-load providers, BlockBoxes are linked on a single bus, integrating the power source, controllers, and connectivity for the load. As a result, it acts as a point of unification for multiple energy sources into the storage.

Less than two years ago, the business completed the BlockEnergy microgrid proof of concept and deployed BlockBox nanogrids at Kirtland Air Force Base. Obtaining the UL 9540 certification is a critical safety accomplishment in their development and maintenance efforts.

When failures affect the larger grid, the BlockEnergy technology allows compatibility in both grid-connected form and isolated mode.

The firm is now preparing to complete its first commercial and residential BlockEnergy microgrid installations. They have projects in multiple states, including Tampa, Florida, and Maryland. All of them are planned to be completed by early 2022.

Microgrids have the potential to play an important role in attaining a green and resilient energy future. The utility-centric concept of BlockEnergy is very unique. It enables utility operators to own and run decentralized power resources that can be incorporated into power grid systems.