Electricity Transmission & Distribution investing

Electricity transmission is one of my primary investing themes, as a reasonably priced way to benefit from the boom in renewable electricity generation… here is a lit of related articles, the most recent posted yesterday:

  • How should investors react to NIMBYs fighting transmission lines?
  • My top transmission stock pick for 2008 (plus battery and CHP picks)
  • A transmission stock pick from Fortune magazine.
  • HVDC and FACTs
  • Sector overview
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    1. I am all for transmission lines, so long as they are not very near homes. Some ways to sell them would be:

      1. Give a discount to those nearby.
      2. Use more attractive designs for the towers. I have seen some cement ones that were more attractive.
      3. Offer attractive park like settings underneath the right of way.
      4. Plead for patriotism, considering the need for energy independence from our potential enemies.

      Another , better way , is to keep production plants small and distributed . That way shorter lines are needed, there is less line loss, and people have a sense of ownership or benefit from the lines.
      Or you could produce fuel that could be piped underground. I don’t know if that is an option with electricity.

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