Top Ten Lists: My Stock Picks for 2008 and Most Blogged Stories of 2007

I did two top Ten lists to bring in the New Year. First, I picked ten speculative plays in renewable energy and energy efficiency that I think will do well. This was a 3 part series:

Part I: LED Stocks and Ultracapacitor stocks
Part II: Batteries, Distributed Generation, combined Heat and Power, and Electricity Transmission
Part III: Geothermal, Wind and Wave Power stocks, and a Solar Short

My second Top 10 list is plain fun… we used an algorithm to see what stories cleantech bloggers were linking to in 2007, and I did a short summary of each. Here is my Ten Most Blogged Cleantech Stories of 2007



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  2. kindinc said

    I should notify you about this.

  3. What about a Top10 for 2009???
    I love reading your blog and learn quite a bit from you. You can ‘practice’ and backtest your strategy at and become a successful trader.

  4. Tom said

    Here are my 2009 lists:

  5. webmaster8753 said

    I am into bio-tech or bio-med stocs. My stock pick is Mentor Capital (MNTR), which I plan to hold for a while. They have a 20 percent vesting in a bio-tech company that could profit big from a safer breast cancer treatment they are working FDA clinical trials for. The treatment could lead to stock price gains for Mentor Capital shareholders in the future.

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