Canadian RE picks

There’s a good rundown of public Candian Renewable energy companies in the Globe and Mail today by Richard Blackwell.  They mention all of my favorite Canadian companies, and even one I had not yet heard about.logo

One note, there are several Canadian Income Trusts listed.  These are currently very volatile because of changes in thier tax status.  The extra volatility will undoubtedly lead to some excellent buying opportunities, but they are much more volatile than your standard income investor is probably ready for.  Where once I might have bought them for my more conservative clients, now I’m looking at them for my more aggressive clients.

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  1. Nice find Tom, and thanks for the heads up.

    As for the income trust issue, the grace period before they get taxed is 4 years, so there is plenty of time good tax-free times left.

    I agree with you that the volatility should present good buying opportunities.

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