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I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of hits from search engines looking for information about stocks they’ve gotten spam stock tips on, so as a public service, I’m publishing a list of stocks that I’ve gotten tips to buy from spammers recently. 

Do not buy any of these stocks because you got an email saying to they’re about to go to the moon, or making any sort of prediction of quick gains.  Spamming stocks does work (for the spammers, not the buyers.)   If you buy right after a “tip,” you’ll be rushing in with a whole bunch of other buyers at the same time, and pay too high a price.  If you get a spam, research the company, and think you must buy a bit of the company, do yourself a big favor and wait a week or two for the spam-induced frenzy to die down.  You’ll end up paying a good deal less, because when the promised gains do not materialize, many of the people who initially fell for it will sell, and drive the price down, often below where it might have been without the initial spamming.

These may be great companies, and they may be dogs, but right after you get a spam is always the wrong time to buy.

Companies about which I have received spams:

Received from 10/16 to 11/11 EGLY; FCTOA; GSNH; EQTD; MXXR; TXHE; GDKI

Received from 11/12 to 12/14 HTLJ; VSUS; AGHG; USBO; FPMC

12/14-12/17 DIAAF;VGYI;; USBO

12/17-12/24; SORD; DKGR; TTEN; and (an encore from early November) GDKI.

Merry Christmas!

12/25/06-1/8/07 GCME, VMCI, LITL

1/8/7 to 1/13/7 CBFE

2/22/07: Things seem to be slowing down, but I got a blizzard of “tips” for PHYA.PK yesterday and today.

 Joshua Cyr has an interesting site dedicated to this topic.

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