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Trading Strategy During Financial Freefall

When the current crisis began with the fall of Lehman, I decided to get out of my most speculative and worst capitalized Renewable Energy companies, and I wrote a series of articles on each. Now, I’m looking exclusively at companies involved in energy efficiency technologies, and technologies which help customers shift their demand to when or where it is cheaper (smart grid and transmission.)

Here’s an index to the articles on the stocks I sold:

  1. Held: UQM Technologies (UQM)
  2. Sold: Carmanah Technologies (CMHXF)
  3. Sold: Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)
  4. Sold: Dynamotive Energy Systems (DYMTF)
  5. Sold: Nova Biosource Fuels (NBF)
  6. Sold: VRB Power (VRBPF)
  7. Sold: Electro Energy, Inc. (EEEI)

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Top Five Environmental Stocks for Gifts

For the Shopping season, I’ve just publised an article on a gift that’s greener than just giving more “stuff.” Help your young ones prepare for their future (and the future of the planet) with my Top Five Stocks to Give as Gifts this Holiday Season.
Green Gift

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