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Cars with Plugs: The Debate

John Peterson wrote a series of three articles looking at the economic problems with Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) over the last month. He

  • Debunked the economics of PHEV ownership.
  • Pointed out that PHEVs may not help with Energy Independence
  • and he

  • showed that they aren’t a particularly cost effective way of reducing carbon emissions.
  • I thought it all went a little too far, and so I showed why it can make economic sense for someone to buy a PHEV anyway.

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    The Evidence of my Obsession with EVs

    I’ve been obsessing about the best way to replace petroleum for transit fuels. Unlike venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, I think electricity will win the day over biofuels.. the cellulosic material can be put to better use.

    This has lead to a series of articles over the last few months, and I thought I’d gather them all in one place, here:

    1. Why Automakers may be blindsided by updtart EV makers.

    2. How much are people really willing to pay for extra range?

    3. How much is range worth, updated with new poll.

    4. Why Cellulosic Electricity may Beat Cellulosic Ethanol

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