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San Miguel Power Association leaves CREA

I never thought it was going to become a movement!

Delta-Montrose was first.
Who’s next? Holy Cross, maybe?

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Delta Montrose Electric Association Leaves Colorado Rural Electric Association

The Delta Montrose Rural Electric Association (DMEA) has long been the most progressive utility (Let alone electric coop) in Colorado. I wrote about their forward thinking promotion of geoexchange / ground source heat pumps in 2007, long before there was any rule requiring any Colorado utility to have a Demand Side Management (DSM) program.

Now DMEA is taking another step that I find reminiscent of the defections of big businesses from the US Chamber of Commerce last year over the Chamber’s stance on Climate Change legislation. DMEA has quit the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA), the lobbying organization for Colorado rural electric cooperatives.

I’ve testified on several energy bills in the Colorado Legislature, and whenever it had any thing to do with electrical utilities, CREA representatives have shown up, and always to testify on the wrong side of the bill (At least as far as clean energy is concerned.)

Unfortunately, DMEA is unlikely to start a stampede for the doors at CREA… apart from DMEA, all the rural electric coops I’m familiar with in Colorado are extremely backward looking.

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