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Fortune 500 blog project: Utilities ain’t got blogs

It’s a slow day for me, with the markets closed out of respect for President Ford, so thought I’d dust off some old to-do’s I’d written myself.  One was to help out with blog reviews for the Fortune 500 blog project.  I like to review energy companies, so I decided to pick on Atmos Energy.  Same problem as last time: no blogs.  

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.  Regulated monopolies in general, and utilities in particular tend to be laggards when it comes to change.  We not only see this in the giant boom in the building of new coal plants when we need carbon neutral generation and more energy efficiency and demand side management.  We also see it in their lethargy in adopting new types of communication, such as blogs.

 I thought I’d test my theory and see what other utilities in the Fortune 500 I could find without blogs.  Here’s the list:

Cinergy (which is now merged with Duke Energy).  No blogs for either.  

Northeast Utilities(and I didn’t find blog for any of the utilities under their umbrella, either)

I did find a blog for Chesapeake Energy , but it’s just an automated news blog, pulling headlines from other sources on the web, with no original content, nor affiliation with the company.

I think I’ll try some non-utility energy companies the next time I haul this off the back burner.

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Fortune 500 Blog Project: Xcel, Kinder Morgan

I decided to contribute to the Fortune 500 Blog Project after reading Jetson Green’s blog review on Wells Fargo.  I’m concentrating on energy companies (natch.)   So far it’s been a breeze: I started with Xcel Energy and Kinder Morgan Energy, but neither one seem to have blogs.

I was especially interested in reading Xcel blogs, because of the PUC rate case hearing.

No luck.  Let me know if you find any blogs of these two companies.

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