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Don’t Bogart That Volt!

The winner is in for my Best Energy Efficiency Headlines contest.

Runners up are:

Preston from Jetson Green for “A Killowatt Saved is a Killowatt Earned”


Chris Baskind, with “Don’t Bogart that Volt”, (I really like this one, but I used it on a couple people, and they said “Huh?” Apparently you either have to be an ex-hippie, slang-o-phile, or old movie fan to get the reference.)

and the winner is…. [drumroll]
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Contest: Best Energy Efficiency Headlines

On my Psychology of Energy Efficiency post yesterday, Marc Gunther (columnist for Fortune and CNNMoney) left a comment as to another reason Energy Efficiency gets so much less attention than it deserves:

Compared to wind, solar or nuclear, [Energy Efficiency] is boring–and therefore gets less media attention than it should. It’s rarely controversial. And just try writing a headline that will grab people for a story about efficiency. I have. It’s not easy.

I’d like to open up the comments on this post to a challenge: come up with an attention grabbing headline for a story on energy efficiency.   Entries will be judged by me and Marc (who was kind enough to volunteer) and I’ll post the best entries on my blog on  March 5th.   The best entry will win a Kill-a-Watt appliance tester, or a half hour investment consultation by phone from me (your choice.) 
Feel free to submit headlines from published articles as inspiration for other contestants, but please tag them as such.   Part of the goal here is to come up with catchy titles Marc can use in the future.  Only new headlines will be eligible to win (and I will check.)
Let the games begin!

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