Fuel Efficiency in the US

A nice graphic comparing various passenger cars and alternative fuels. Two quibbles:
– I don’t think the NASA crawler (used to transport the Space Shuttle) qualifies as a passenger car.
– Why not include natural gas vehicles?

Fuel Efficiency in the US


  1. Interesting, but I think you have the diesel/gas cost ratio wrong in the above. With your numbers, I make out the cost of the Diesel to be 2.36 times cheaper.

    Also, I’d say the main health/environmental impact of diesel engines has been particulates. These have come down a lot in recent Diesels, but it’s still a point needing attention in any comparisons.

    Alan Muller

  2. Tom said

    They aren’t really my numbers… I just liked the graphic, but I suspect that the reason Diesels are shown to have much higher MPG is that there are only a very few diesel passenger car models available in the US. Diesel typically on gives about a 20% fuel economy boost in comparable cars.

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