Another Cost Comparison For Renewable Electricity

I’m not a fan of nuclear power… I think it’s generally more expensive than solar, has very long lead times, and is simply playing with fire. Why would we invest in an expensive technology that, when it goes wrong, renders large geographic areas uninhabitable, as we saw with Chernobyl?

Everyone likes to be validated, so this study finding that nuclear loan guarantees are imprudent caught my attention.

In and of itself, I thought the included chart showing the levelized cost of various electricity generation technolgies accorging to three independent studies was very informative. Take a look at it here:


  1. I am a fan of the Nuclear option; nuclear power that is. I think all will acknowledge there is a case for it. The Chernobyl possibility being the biggest counter argument.

    I do try to keep an open mind and the supplied link appears very interesting. I hadn’t seen this and credit again to you for finding it. I’ll return to comment when I’ve read and weighed the article.


  2. Coy Danilo said

    The pros of using green energy resources instead of the usual resources like fossil fuel clearly outweighs the cons. If

    managed the right way, these green energy resources will be no doubt a great benefit to humankind by providing the

    energy everyone needs and not harming the world we live in in the process.

  3. I completely agree with Coy Danilo. Some of the largest solar module manufacturers have already proved that solar energy is way ahead than nuclear energy. Soon people from all over the world will understand the numerous benefits of multi crystalline solar modules for both residential and commercial purposes. It was a good read, thanks for sharing the post.

  4. Dr.A.Jagadeesh said

    Solar power generation is expensive far far above Wind power generation in India.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

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