The Algonquin Power Income Fund

I recommended the Algonquin Power Income Fund as a renewable energy income investment back in January, and as part of my ten clean energy picks for 2009.

Since then, both the stock and the ten picks have been doing well in comparison to the market, but Algonquin has entered into a couple deals, while I look into in a recent update on the Algonquin Power Income Fund.


  1. Hi Tom,

    I’m from Denver, but have lived on the eastern seaboard for for many, many years.
    As a principal in Environment Group, LLC, I am helping to commercialize some next generation concentrating solar patented technologies. Depending on which application is needed, we can do concentrating PV (closest competitor in SolFocus), thermal and also solar interior lighting.

    The technology is based on the work of Roland Winston on non-imaging optics, such as the two-dimensional, line focus mirrored troughs deployed in the Mojave desert, except our compound parabolic concentrator is three-dimension, point focus. Let me know if this is of any interest. I have commissioned a couple of studies and a bench prototype and can send this information to you digitally.

    Gary Taylor

    PS I lived for many years on Colorado Blvd., near Cherry Creek. In those days Cherry Creek was the city limits on that side of town,

  2. Tom said

    I focus on publicly traded companies, so I can only wish you good luck commercializing your solar concentrator.

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