The Raser Technologies (RZ) Saga

A month ago, I bought Raser (RZ) in a gamble that one of thier plans to get project financing would pay off quickly. Unfortunately, the one I thought was most likely of these, an application for a DOE grant gaurantee, was rejected last week, so I sold at a slight loss.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Raser (RZ) to see if I can pick it up again at a reduced price… there’s still a chance of a quick win if they get funding elesewhere.


  1. theleakers said

    at 1.43, is it worth a gamble ???

  2. Tom said

    I’ve stopped following the company b/c of other bad news.

  3. theleakers said

    thank you, Tom, for the bad news link …

  4. Tom said

    That may be the first time the bearer of bad news got thanked….

    • thleakers said

      okay, no more thanks
      because if I bought at 1.43 and today it closes at 1.56, I would have pocketed 9% …

      • Tom Konrad said

        Only if you actually sold at $1.56. I think it will see $1.43 again.

  5. theleakers said

    you are correct …
    but since I did not buy at 1.43, there is nothing to sell at 1.56 …
    probably a technical bounce couple with the current market condition, but what happen if they suddenly have some good news …

    • Tom Konrad said

      Likewise, what if they suddenly have some bad news?

      • theleakers said

        the bad news might be all out by now … what else can go wrong ???

  6. theleakers said

    Dr. Konrad:

    where can I find your latest portfolio recommendation ???

  7. Tom said

    I’m not currently buying anything, because I think the market is overvalued. However, if I had to pick something, it would be New Flyer, which I wrote about here:

    Generally, the best way to keep up with my picks is at

  8. theleakers said

    I really think all the sellers in RZ are gone, that is why it is moving back up, now 1.66

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