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Investing in Biomass

I’ve recently said that the best way to invest in both Advanced Biofuels and Cellulosic Ethanol, and Biochar (aka terra preta) is to invest in Biomass. Here is one way to go about it: buying Forestry ETFs or Stocks.

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The Algonquin Power Income Fund

I recommended the Algonquin Power Income Fund as a renewable energy income investment back in January, and as part of my ten clean energy picks for 2009.

Since then, both the stock and the ten picks have been doing well in comparison to the market, but Algonquin has entered into a couple deals, while I look into in a recent update on the Algonquin Power Income Fund.

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Since I’ve recently been bearish on the market, but don’t want to wait on the sidelines, and expect that many of my readers feel the same way, I just published two articles on hedging strategies.

  • A hedging how-to, with five ways to hedge, and a simple method to fine-tune your strategy
  • How I’ve recently adjusted my hedging strategy to accomodate the insights of Taleb’s The Black Swan.</li>
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    Cars with Plugs: The Debate

    John Peterson wrote a series of three articles looking at the economic problems with Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) over the last month. He

  • Debunked the economics of PHEV ownership.
  • Pointed out that PHEVs may not help with Energy Independence
  • and he

  • showed that they aren’t a particularly cost effective way of reducing carbon emissions.
  • I thought it all went a little too far, and so I showed why it can make economic sense for someone to buy a PHEV anyway.

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    The Raser Technologies (RZ) Saga

    A month ago, I bought Raser (RZ) in a gamble that one of thier plans to get project financing would pay off quickly. Unfortunately, the one I thought was most likely of these, an application for a DOE grant gaurantee, was rejected last week, so I sold at a slight loss.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on Raser (RZ) to see if I can pick it up again at a reduced price… there’s still a chance of a quick win if they get funding elesewhere.

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