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Renewable Energy Funds

I’ve posted an updated and more in-depth look at clean energy and renewable energy mutual funds. Also of interest may be an article on how actively managed clean and renewable energy funds compare to the passively manged/index variety.

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Renewable Energy (and other) ETFs

I’ve published an updated run-down of Clean Energy Exchange Traded Funds, as well as a look at those clean energy ETFs which have Exchange Traded options on them (and why you might care.)

On the subject of ETFs, I was shocked when I took a closer look at Doubleshort and Ultra ETFs, and this led me to do a couple reshuffles of ETFs in my portfolio.

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Peak Coal, Peak Oil: getting closer

Clean Energy Action, a Boulder, Colorado based environmental orgnaization recently released a reoport on US coal supplies. Peak coal will happen in the lifetime of most people reading this.

The credit crunch (explained here), has probably brought peak oil closer. Because of the current low oil price and low investment in exploration and production, I expect the oil price to spike when demand recovers.

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