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Enery Efficiency And Utilities

In addition to investing, I’m also a consultant for the Energy Efficiency Busisness Coalition for regulatory matters. This work has spawned a series of articles, looking into what it really takes to make an energy efficiency business work, and what constitutes progressive regulation. Here they are:

Barriers to Selling Energy Efficiency

There’s Much More to Energy Efficiency than Saving Money

Demand Side Management Policies That Work

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Flying too Close to the PetroSun

Algae is the most promising source to produce oil in the quantities needed to displace any significant amount of petroleum. Can is Petrosun (Pink Sheets: PSUD) the company to fulfill this promise? I doubt it; follow the link to find out why.

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Investments for Peak Oil

I’ve written a series of articles over the past few weeks focussing on what a green investor can do to prepare for and profit from peak oil:

Peak Oil and Your Lifestyle

Behavioral Finance and Mass Transit

New Flyer: A Stock to Hedge Peak Oil

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