Greener Money in Smart Energy Living

5/24/10 note: If you’re looking for I have no idea where it is. However, I have written a series of free articles intended for people interested in green investing. You can find it here: Green Investing for Beginners.

The new edition of Smart Energy Living Magazine is out, including the first of a regular series of columns called “Greener Money” by Yours Truly, discussing investing in clean energy.

The new editor (Rebecca Cantwell) has totally revamped this magazine about how to live energy efficiently. My column will be familiar to readers of my blogs, but you will likely learn something about other aspects of green living. You can sign up for a free copy here.


  1. Preston said

    Congrats Tom, fantastic news.

  2. John Cass said

    Tom, I wanted to send you an email directly about the fortune 500 corporate blog project, but could not find your email address on the blog. Would you send me an email?

  3. Dustin Stanford said

    Tom, could u send me an e-mail directly.

  4. Visitor said

    I saw ad advertisement on TV last night. The website address does not come up. Does anyone have the correct website address. It was giving away free info regarding money finances.

    • Linwood S. Brumley said

      I Too saw the show, and would also like to get a copy of your book of free money finances. I also have a product that I’m waiting to get a patent for homeowners indoor solar system that will also be an industural model as well. I could really use your book. Thank You.

  5. morgan saint-lot said

    I also was given, but can’t find it under this listing. Could you please e-mail me with correct infom Thanks in advance. Morgan Saint-Lôtr

  6. Tom said

    I don’t know where the “Greener Money” site you’re looking for is, but may I suggest a series of free articles I’ve written designed to help beginners invest in clean energy:

    Green Investing for Beginners

  7. Bev said

    I was also looking for the book named in another of your e- mails and cant find it eather. Am interessted in green saving for heating,ele. use and anything else that can help one living on a fixed income. send ideas that would help in a trailer PLEASE!! money can only strech only so far. planet needs all of us working in the green direction!! PS the park I live in the waste manement does not pick up recycleing, it al goes 2 garbage!! this is wrong

  8. Tom said

    Many states and utilities have energy efficiency programs specifically targeted towards people living on low incomes. Since they vary, I can’t point you to your specific one, byt try Googling “energy efficiency low income Yourtown/Yourstate” and variations on that theme.

  9. Kathy Young said

    I would like some info how how to keep my Double Wide Mobil Home cooler and not watch the meter run off the pole.Can you help? I live in centrel Florida and it has been very HOT.108 is the heat index.

    Thank You
    Kathy Young

  10. Tom said

    It looks like your state legislature is trying to help you out:

    Also, check out Progress Energy’s Online home Energy check.

  11. KATHY WISEMAN said


  12. jim said

    where is thething you advertise on TV for free

  13. jim said

    where is the book you advertise for free

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