How to look for an Energy Efficient Rental (or resale home)

Does it seem totally unfair to you that the young, who are typically much more environmentally aware, are often stuck living in cold, drafty, unhealthy, and expensive to operate rentals, while it’s the old and the wealthy splash out on gigantic mansions with multiple low efficiency furnaces and air conditioners?

It does to me. Well, if you’re one of those green renters, you can do something about it. I’ve put together a checklist to use that can help you sift out the efficient buildings from all the cold, drafty ones.

Since it’s not really about stocks, I sent it over to Jetson Green as a guest post. But if it’s stocks that might benefit from the trend in energy efficient homes you’re looking for, I list several in the intro I wrote for it at Alternative Energy Stocks.

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  1. yuyajoe said

    Hi Tom,

    Yours is one of my favorite alternative energy blogs, as you deal with renewable power stocks, but also with the underlying social issues (conservation, pollution) that are intricately tied to our progress.

    Keep up the awesome work, and if you ever get up to Toronto the Good, do let me know!!!!


    Yuya Joe – Guide to Alternative Energy Investing Blogs

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