The Scary Side of Colorado’s “New Energy Economy”

Here’s a disturbing article about how Colorado Governor Ritter, who has done great things revitalizing Colorado’s renewable energy and energy efficiency economy, but is also a fan of Alberta’s Tar Sands, and Shell’s plans for extracting energy from Colorado’s Oil Shale.

If extracting Tar Sands has a massive carbon footprint and environmental impact, the Oil Shale is likely to be much, much worse.

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  1. From: John Baeverstad []
    Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 8:07 AM
    To: ‘Rhodes, Karen’; ‘’
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    Subject: RE: Gov Ritter is hiding on Energy Efficiency

    Karen at Xcel Energy, Gov. Bill,

    The years keep passing us by and there is still no rebate support for delamping 3 lamp T8 light fixtures with 2 year paybacks.

    This solution needs less money per kW reduction than other measures already in the program.

    900,000 Office building light fixtures without adequate rebates (estimate) (per BOMA & Trade Allie’s)

    Delamping these fixtures will improve worker comfort and bring light levels in line with Illuminating Engineering Society guidelines.

    An example of buildings that would benefit:
    City of Denver Wellington Webb Building,
    New EPA office on 16th & Wynkoop,
    New Gates headquarters on Wewatta

    $11 million in extra costly electric bills being paid to Xcel every year (estimate)

    240,000 tons of unnecessary Carbon Dioxide every year (estimate)

    Low income installers are out of work for another year.

    The energy efficient rebates are paid for by Xcels customers on every monthly utility bill (including residential customers).

    Xcel gets to keep part of the money as profit.

    2008 Customer Budgets for lighting were due Sept 2007 so in effect 2008 is over.

    Lets review …

    August 2006
    I met with Xcel, Michael Johnson, Andre Goin, Jeff Lyng, and Bill Gruen.
    I shared with above that the Minnesota plan will not work in Colorado – inequities in XCEL micro managing types of retrofits & amounts.
    Most specifically delamping 3 lamp T8. Others exist also.

    November 2006
    Karen Rhodes of Xcel Energy admits with others present that the Minnesota Prescriptive plan (imposed on Colorado in 2006) will not work.

    June 2007
    Trade Ally Advisory Board created and meets for 1st time
    #1 goal …
    1.) Delamping rebates currently have 3 year paybacks, we need 2 year paybacks.

    June 2007
    I send Michael Johnson & Bill Ritter the rebates analysis with paybacks for most office types

    November 2007
    “Lights flickering on Xcel’s conversion program” Denver Business Journal 11-02-2007

    The companies that provide energy efficient lighting say Xcel’s rebate program is failing.
    “Xcel Energy’s program to encourage customers to cut their power use across Colorado isn’t working – especially when it comes to swapping out old, power guzzling lights in big office buildings for new lights that sip electricity – according to Denver lighting companies that have worked with the utility for years”. Denver Business Journal 11-02-2007

    The building owners (BOMA) say it’s failing.
    “We’d all love to see the rebate increase,” Laurie Carter, president of the Denver chapter of Building Owners and Property Managers. More property managers would be inclined to take part.” Carter said building owners prefer a one-year payback or at least less than two years. ”I think right now the incentives aren’t quite there,” Carter said. ”Its more like three years. No one knows who will own your building three years from now.” Denver Business Journal 11-02-2007

    December 2007
    I send another e-mail hoping someone will agree to meet and resolve this.

    Will someone please meet with me soon, and get this resolved, so that we can start bringing back energy savings in 2009.

    No more wild goose chases or 2lb sacks of legal mumbo jumbo. (see below)

    (Budgets for 2009 are due by Sept 2008. We work with customers for 12 months getting these budget numbers to them. We have already lost 3 months of budget meetings for 2009. Yes 2009 !)

    John Baeverstad

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