How to avoid Stock Scams

My AltEnergyStocks column this week talks about signs to look for to help you aviod falling for stock scams. Investment scams foolw whatever trend is hot at the moment, and right now, that’s renewable energy. Here’s how to make sure your money is helping to reduce our carbon footprint, not financing some shyster’s trip to the Bahamas.

As an example, I take a look at US Sustainable Energy, a biofuel company that shows some worrying signs….

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  1. Jack Payne said

    Renewable resource con jobs are nothing more than the same-same old stock scams of the 1970s. Warmed over. Back then, with the OPEC oil embargo, this was all the rage, even bigger than it is now.
    Hard to tell how many umpteen zillions of dollars were raked off in this erea, but it was way up there.

    Today, the best stock scams are the ones that play off the old pump and dump–like the 80-40-20, or historical bonds. (Maybe the con man fraternity will dust off some sales pitches from the 1970s to use here, in hustling renewable energy scams, peddle “historical bonds.”)

    –Jack Payne

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