Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad the second CFA® Exam is over

10. Free T-Shirt from Schweser (They were handing them out as we left the testing site.)

9. Got to use my short-cut for multi-stage dividend discount
model valuation problems. (I admit, I’m a math geek.)

8. Time to catch up on my reading.

7. Going vacation to Glacier National Park in 9 days (after the Colorado
Renewable Energy Conference

6.  More time to blog.

5. New ideas for articles.

4. I got some ideas on good arguments I intend to use that renewable energy
projects deserve to be evaluated at a lower discount rate in the next Least Cost
Plan at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

3. Don’t need to study for the next one ’til 2008.

2. Ethanol (not the type they put in cars.)

1. I think I passed (actual results don’t come out until August).


  1. Preston said

    Congrats, I’m sure the preparation and study was a beast, but it probably feels good to be done.

  2. Tom said

    Thanks Preston. Getting the CFA may not be harder than getting a Ph.D., but the tests are harder than any single test I had to take for the latter.

  3. […] Tooting my own horn I passed the June 2007 Level II Chartered Financial Analyst%c2%ae Exam. As I said after I took it, this does not come as a surprise, but it’s nice not to have to wait any longer to find out. […]

  4. Andrew Thomas said

    What’s your shortcut for the multistage DDM?

    I’m an underpowered geek wannabe, still finding his way round finance and the related math.

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