Renewable Energy Mutual Funds

I’m travelling this week (and have had the opportunity to use the energy-efficient train system in the Northeast,) so my column for Alternative Energy Stocks was written ahead of time and saved for a busy day. It’s a run-down of the available renewable or alternative energy mutual funds and ETFs, and a cost analysis of when it makes the most sense to use each.

Click here for a comparison of renewable/alternative energy mutual funds.

(Update: the above link was broken when I first posted it. It’s now fixed. Sorry.)


  1. Nancy Goertzen said

    I would love to see your list but can’t get the permalink to click through – can I access it another way?


  2. Tom said

    Thanks for leaving the comment. It’s now fixed.

  3. I am a fan of Anaerobic Digestion for renewable generation and think I might add an investments section to my web site.

    Are there any funds which invest in AD, which I can suggest ot my visitors?

    My Anaerobic Digestion web site is all about renewable energy from waste materials.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Tom said

    There aren’t any mutual funds dedicated to AD because there are very few public companies in the field. You still can’t find a mutual fund dedicated to wind, let alone the more obsure renewable technologies. The only public company I’m aware of that’s involved in AD is Environmental Power Corp [EPG on AMEX]. However, I have not researched them, so I don’t know if they are worth buying at this point.

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