Transmission Stocks.. not exciting enough?

My AltEnergyStocks column this week is about investment opportunities in transmission, but to judge by the comments, readers are much more interested in direct investment in wind.

This is not particularly surprising to me… electric transmission is both complex and boring. It’s also absolutely necessary for our transition to a sustainable energy economy. As a contrarian, the lack of interest in my readers makes me more bullish; I love sectors with great prospects that no one is interested in talking about (or buying) yet.

An interesting parallel is my article on the polysilicon industry, which I wrote last July. At the time, only my regular readers read it, but in the last few months, now that the companies involved have risen another 50-100%, it’s consistently one of my most popular, despite the fact that there’s a good chance that the silicon supply crunch may soon ease up.

I wonder how many people will be reading my transmission column eight months from now?


  1. Preston said

    In a related topic, there’s a Plantizen article on the ugly green side of transmission. It may be tough to get some of those lines put in, if they’re not already approved:

  2. Tom said

    I agree… getting these poles in the ground will be very hard. And it’s likely to split the environmental community. It’s rather like the problems Cape Wind is having with Kennedy: NIMBYism reigns. And it will likely be worse for transmission, because at least some of us think wind turbines are beautiful; I don’t know anyone who likes the look of high voltage transmission lines. I expect a lot will come from upgrades of existing lines, but we’re going to need much, much more, and there’s no gaurantee that we’re going to get it.

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