Don’t Bogart That Volt!

The winner is in for my Best Energy Efficiency Headlines contest.

Runners up are:

Preston from Jetson Green for “A Killowatt Saved is a Killowatt Earned”


Chris Baskind, with “Don’t Bogart that Volt”, (I really like this one, but I used it on a couple people, and they said “Huh?” Apparently you either have to be an ex-hippie, slang-o-phile, or old movie fan to get the reference.)

and the winner is…. [drumroll]

Chris Baskind, with “Look Great Naked in a Water-Saving Shower.” Congratulations, Chris. He wins a Kill-a-Watt appliance tester.

If he’s really lucky, Marc will write an article in Fortune using his headline.


  1. […] the headline grab you? It’s the winner of a headline-writing contest that my fellow blogger Tom Konrad kindly sponsored recently on my behalf, after I complained to him […]

  2. That was fun! Thanks for sponsoring the contest. It will be interesting to see the article …

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