Biodiesel vacation

What do Willie Nelson, An evangelical with poor grammar in Wichita, a sustainable-everything store in Austin, and a pump and drilling supply company in Golden CO have in common?

They all sold me biodiesel on my recent trip to Austin TX.  (Willie didn’t actually sell me the biodiesel, but I did get BioWillie branded biodiesel in Hillsboro, TX.)  I went ot Austin the week before Thanksgiving for a friend’s wedding, and drove so that I could stop by Taos on the way home for Thanksgiving.

The evangelical was a friendly guy at Hampel Oil who kindly drove out to their station with me to start the pump (they are on a key-card system, like many fleet filling stations.)  The back of his rusty Volvo had a large sign pasted on it reading “Believe on [sic] the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”

The sustainable store in Austin is Ecowise (for you Austinites, it’s right next door to the south Austin Vulcan Video location.)  I specifically went there because they sell B99, so I filled up both my tank and jerry can, which I carry for those long streches where you can’t find anything more than B5… when it comes to buying B5, I often think, "why bother?"

The last is ProCo Pump and Drilling supply where I usually go for Blue Sun B100 when I’m in Golden for CRES meetings or visiting NREL, and where I stocked up for my trip.

I think the most significant thing here is the broad spectrum of people involved in Biodiesel distribution; not just the usual suspects like Ecowise, but evangelicals in Wichita.  It give me hope whenever I see renewable energy being accepted beyond the environmental community.  For the last year or two, we’ve been living in a new era, on where renewable energy is reaching, and being promoted by the mainstream.  It may be uncomfortable for those of us who have become used to being on the fringes of society, but we need to accept it an accept evangelicals, and big business into our suddenly big tent, because only with everyone working together are we going to be able to deal with the gigantic problems presented by peak oil and global warming.

It gives me hope to be working with agricultural groups in 25×25 and Christians asking “What Would Jesus Drive?” in the National Council of Churches.

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