Take care with your brokerage account

Very worth-reading article on Martketwatch today.  As with all computer crime, as more people use the Internet regularly, more people are victims of crime on the Internet.  This article talks about hacking into online brokerage accounts.

The good news: online brokers promise to make clients whole if they are victims of hacking.  And if you’re looking for discounted antivirus software, this is a good place to look.

 Like a lot of things, caution is your best defense.

1) be wary of public computers, especially abroad.

2) be wary of using brokerages over unsecured wireless networks.

3) It’s worth using your borkerage’s alert service to send you an email confirmation whenever there is activity in your account.  Then, if you’re checking your email, you’re keeping an eye on your account. (At least in this way, the Internet makes you safer, by making it easier for you to know what’s going on.)

(I know I have not written much recently, but work has crested in a wave over my head.  I hope to be back writing more deeply about Renewables in a week or two.)

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