Investing in renewable Energy workshop, Oct 17

I’ll be teaching a workshop on “Investing in Renewable Energy”on Tuesday, October 17, from 6 to 8 pm, at the National Renewable Energy LaboratoryPhoto of NREL Visitors Center Visitor’s Center in Golden (pictured).  This will be geared towards people who do not have a lot of experience in the financial markets, and I’ll cover several different approaches to take depending on your sophistication, risk tolerance, and investable assets.

There should also be plenty of time for quesiton and answer.

The workshop is sponsored by the Colorado Energy Science Center, who provide workshops and information to the public on Energy Efficiency for the public.  They also publish Smart Energy Living,

 an excellent magazine which explains how your home uses and wastes energy, and gives you the tools to make educated choices.

The workshop cost $10 at the door, or $5 for Smart Energy Living or Colorado Renewable Energy Society members.  All revenues go to support CESC.

Space is limited, so make sure to Register if you plan to attend.

Directions to the NREL Visitor Center are here.


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  2. […]             Back to Cramer.  He may be brilliant, but it’s no longer possible to make money on his stock tips because too many people follow his advice.  His antics also make my life a lot harder.  I taught a workshop on investing in alternative energy stocks earlier this week, and tried to focus it more on the basics of investing, rather than stock tips.  I talked about paying off your debt, diversification, and started in on how to pick your own stocks, with the crowd getting more and more restless: They wanted to know which stocks and renewable industries I thought were a good deal right now.  In short, they wanted Cramer. […]

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