National (and Colorado) Tour of Solar Homes, October 6

Note: This post was originally for the 2006 Tour. The 2007 Tour of Solar Homes will be on October 6, 2007. See the original post after the break.

———————Info about 2007 Tour of Solar homes————————

Colorado Solar Tour link
Colorado Tour of Solar Home Flyer
For Southwest Colorado, there’s some info on the SWCRES website.
For Fort Collins area tour, see NCRES Website
For other states, go to the National Solar Tour link

———————Info about 2006 Tour————————

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) will be sponsoring the National Tour of Solar Homes in early October.  

This is your best chance this year to see what other people are doing in their own homes to make them more energy efficient and take advantage of renewable energy options.  It’s a great way to see how some of this technology works in practice, and find out how you can take advantage of it locally.  

Most of these homes go farther than just energy improvements, so you’ll see lots of examples of low water landscaping (Xeriscaping), the use of green materials, and creative use of recycled building materials.

Check here for the details of your local tour.

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society (the Colorado chapter of ASES) is sponsoring Tours in Denver, Fort Collins, Durango, and Colorado Springs on October 7.  You can pick up your tour book at the NREL Visitor’s Centerstarting at 9am, and it is $20 per (energy-efficient or alternative-fuel) carload, so bring friends or reserve a place on our guided bus tour.  (If you show up in a Hummer, we won’t turn you away.  Hummer and Prius owners have something in common: they both complain a lot about their gas mileage.)

Flyer: Denver Tour of Solar Homes

(Disclosure: I’m the Treasurer of CRES, and my wife and I have volunteered to help with the tour.  In addition, she is on the committee organizing the tour this year, so I have a considerable personal stake in its sucess.)

Jetson Green of Dallas has a more detailed post on the National Tour, as well as some good info on the Texas Tour.  Thanks, PK!

Durango: Here is some info about the Tour in Durango.

Colorado Springs and Pueblo:

SECRES will be sponsoring events on Saturday, October 7th, in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, in conjunction with the annual Tour of Solar Homes, which in turn is sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society. Location and program info for the Colorado Springs event can be found on the following web site: The Pueblo event will run from 10:30 to 5:00; SECRES representative will be at the Greenway & Nature Center, at 5200 Nature Center Road from 10am to 2pm. Directions to the Nature Center can be found at The free Pueblo event will include solar and green building displays, information on design and construction resources, info on Aquila’s solar rebate program, community recycling, and energy-efficient mortgages. Maps will be available for a handful of solar & green-built homes in the Pueblo & Pueblo West areas. Questions can be directed to

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